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Buddha’s Uncle can work with you to develop a content marketing strategy that uses your existing resources to their full advantage.

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Whether it’s a video, treatment, scripted or un-scripted content, Buddha’s Uncle can CREATE and deliver your message deep to the heart of your audience.

Why hire an agency with brick and mortar overhead when you can strip it down to exactly what you need… EXACTLY what your audience needs.

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Buddha’s Uncle was contacted in 2014 by The Center for Lifelong Learning with plans for an ambitious project. They were in the midst of overhauling their online presence and were interested in developing a video marketing strategy that highlighted their enormous range of continuing education classes.

Resources were minimal at best. One prosumer camera was it. Buddha’s Uncle remotely consulted on audio, lighting, affordable stock photography, footage and music. A quick and easy setup that included green screen was procured. An interviewing template was crafted by the school’s Associate Director. They were off and running.

All post-production took place in Buddha’s Uncle’s Los Angeles studio and now, three years and over 370 videos later, Santa Barbara Community College’s re-branded School of Extended Learning is the award-winning model everyone looks up to.

You don't have to be a Hollywood star to get great results. Buddha's Uncle will make you shine! The process can be fun, at least for the editor.

Before and After
The first several interviews with instructors were shot on location, in the CLL’s offices and classrooms. But with the hundreds of videos planned, a more efficient and visually appealing setup was needed. Green screen!

And no, we’re not talking about green screen studio rental. Just a couple of stands, green scrim, and clip-on lights, were used.

It proved to be a quick and easy setup for the school’s one-man-band, interviewer and photographer.

← click and drag →

Dynamic Visuals
Most importantly, it solved the potential problem of viewer fatigue. Many YouTube channels or websites with ongoing “talking-head” content, can be visually monotonous for the viewer.

By creating dynamic interview backdrops, coupled with premium stock footage, you’re taking the first step towards engaging your audience with interesting content.

They will be much more likely to click that play button, again and again.

Excellence in Marketing Award
This new marketing initiative proved to be wildly successful. Enrollment was raised and the school was officially recognized by the world’s largest association in continuing education: Learning Resources Network (LERN), for its innovative Look & Learn video series.

“The results that the CLL has had are impressive, their marketing presence is responsible for a definitive increase in their enrollment numbers. They are a model for exceptional marketing practices.”

Bill Draves, Vice President of LERN Core Services.

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